Quite clearly Mads Østberg and the Citroën C3 R5 DG Sport Compétition were the fastest in Sardinia!


No, Mads Østberg and Torstein Eriksen did not win the WRC-2 Pro category on the unpaved roads of Sardinia this last weekend. Yes, they were quite clearly the fastest at the wheel of the Citroën C3 R5 DG Sport Compétition. Right down to clinching … 16 scratches out of the 19 special stages! Now that the World Rally Championship are taking a well-deserved summer break, there is no more doubt: the car bearing the chevrons entered by the Belgian team is both fast and reliable. Enough said …

It was on Friday as from the second special stage of the Rally Italia Sardegna, that the spell was cast for Mads Østberg. The Norwegian found himself in the dust – thick – of the competitor preceding him, and when believing that he was on the road, he was in fact … slightly next to it! Outcome: contact with a stone, a damaged suspension, obliged to continue at a reduced speed up until finding a spot to stop the car and replace the damaged component, and a restart to finally finish this cursed special stage. Cost: 11 minutes.

As from that moment Mads built up the scratches to solidly prove to be the best performer of the Rally Italia Sardegna in WRC-2 Pro, Alain Georges, the man in charge of DG Sport Compétition commented. Not only did the Citroën C3 R5 dominate the other cars in the category, but also clocked up stunning times as compared to some of the WRC machines! This weekend the team and crew proved that not only the C3 R5 has become a hyper performing car, but also reliable.”

I unquestionably deserved to win this event in the end, Mads Østberg from his side commented. The car was extremely fast, we completed the job, and we were minutes ahead of our rivals! We lost 11 minutes on Friday, and we finish less than 9 minutes from the top this Sunday, everything is said … “

DG Sport Compétition had also entered the Citroën C3 R5 of Guillaume de Mévius and Martijn Wydaeghe, in the colours of the RACB National Team. The young Belgian’s major handicap was that he was discovering this event, renowned to be extremely difficult. “Guillaume was the sole driver of the category never to have driven in Sardinia in the past, Alain Georges continued. It was in fact a major learning curve for him, which he converted perfectly with his times during the second passage on the special stages. On Friday he made the same mistake at the same spot as many other more experienced drivers also did, and during the weekend, together with his co-driver, he was able to notice that his system of pace notes needed to evolve, especially on this type of event where the passage of the WRC machines seriously modify the data as compared to the recceing notes. Having reached the finish in Portugal, Guillaume did the same thing here, moving up from 9th to 6th place in WRC-2, which quite clearly is a good omen for the future. On top of that we are also satisfied by the fact that his Citroën C3 R5 did not experience the slightest problem during these three days of rallying.”

Following a particularly intense period, DG Sport Compétition will now take a break for several weeks, prior to tackling the second part of the season which will inevitably be decisive, notably on the WRC-2 Pro front…