Munkong Sathienthirakul on his lands with the Opel Astra DG Sport !


The annoucement came last July, DG Sport Competition was looking for a new driver in TCR international series due to the choice of Gregoire Demoustier to focus on WRX championship.

That has now been done with the confirmation of Munkong Sathienthiral for next round. The Thaï driver has just confirmed joining the Belgian team for the race in his home country.

The one nicknamed “Turbo” knows quite good the track of Buriram as he drove there many times these last years (TCR Asia and Seat Leon Eurocup). Moreover he is particulary confortable with the difficult weather of Thaîland during the rainy season ( moist heat and heavy rain).

The Thaï can count on an amazing teammate: Mat’o Homola. The Slovak feels more comfortable than ever with the car and is well decided to score again for the championship!

DG Sport Competition is looking forward to this new collaboration and welcomes Turbo in the team!

Important: the seat is stil available for the next two races in China and Abu Dhabi !