Ypres Rally : suspense through to the finish !


Undoubtedly the DG Sport Compétition team love strong emotions. It was at the end of a two-day sprint that Kevin Abbring and Pieter Tsjoen slotted their Peugeot 208 T16 on the highest tread of the podium at the Ypres Rally. The Belgian-Dutch duo finished the event with a ‘cannon ball effect’ to claim a victory that remained undecided right through to the last meters. Having clocked up a scratch time in the final timed exercise, the young Dutch driver, perfectly seconded by the highly experienced former Belgian champion, brought about a prestigious success held in the country’s most important rally event. Enough to bring joy to the entire Theux based team, starting off with Alain Georges, the team Manager.

“This victory is truly one of the greatest in the entire history of DG Sport Compétition. Up against some pretty fearsome competition, we achieved a superb faultless result... Notwithstanding the tiredness that had logically reared its head after eleven weekends of ongoing racing, our boys produced some fabulous work for which I thank them. Our crew are increasingly faster and reliable. Following this victory, we are back in the running for the Championship, and battling it out for the race to the title. “

A feeling obviously shared with Lionel Hansen, the team’s Technical Director:

“I’m truly proud of this victory, the outcome of team work. Our Peugeot 208 T16 continues to evolve and Kevin is feeling ever better behind its wheel. He really produced a hellish race this last weekend! “
One good thing leads to another, DG Sport Compétition cracked open a second bottle of champagne in the Westhoek to celebrate the category win of Guillaume de Mévius, Louis Louka and their Peugeot 208 R2. The bade their time to finally emerge up against some formidable foreign competition.

“Other major satisfaction thanks to the mature performance of Guillaume and Louis who were able to manage their race, putting pressure on their rivals through to them committing an error.”