Bull’s eye for the DG Sport Compétition Peugeot 208 cars!



Overall victory for the T16 R5 and for its sister R2: the DG Sport Compétition’s Peugeot 208 machines left their mark in the Rally of Wallonia, fourth round of the Belgian Championship.  A question of adding a small touch of panache to their victory, Kevin Abbring-Pieter Tsjoen and Guillaume de Mévius-Louis Louka also proved that they were the best performers in their respective classes.
Kevin Abbring and Pieter Tsjoen did not hide their ambitions prior to the start of this classic on the Belgian calendar: “We’re out to dominate with the Peugeot 208T16 R5 and relaunch our hopes in the championship, forgetting all about the rotten luck that breathed down on us during the two preceding rounds.”

Up in second place following the short “starter session” on Friday at the Citadelle, the two men headed off for the main course on Saturday clocking up no less than eight scratch results: “Even though this day went without the slightest hitch, it did not allow our team to build up a decisive gap,” Alain Georges, the man who manages the Theux based team specified. “In fact the championship leaders Vincent Verschueren-Véronique Hostens were only 13.7 seconds down after 149 km against the clock. As such Kevin and Pieter needed to keep up the pace throughout the Sunday stage … “

Having set off ready to take on a fight on Sunday morning, the Peugeot Belgique-Luxembourg representatives first and foremost strengthened their position … prior to being able to take on a “managing” level near the end of the race: “The tyre blow out experienced by Vincent Verschueren having given him an advantage near on one minute on Ghislain de Mévius, who had moved up into second spot, Kevin no longer had any reason to force matters,” Alain Georges continued. “Perfectly guided by Pieter who knows this rally like the back of his hand seeing he came out on top this weekend for the ninth time, no way did he miss the opportunity of claiming a success … with more in the pipeline. The result of this Rally of Wallonia in fact confirms that the DG Sport Compétition Peugeot 208T16 R5 clearly counts as one of the top candidates for victory on the Belgian scene, where, in fact, competition is hard going. “

The outcome is equally satisfying for Guillaume de Mévius-Louis Louka who brilliantly defended their first place in the Junior round. Anxious to rebuild their confidence following their disappointment at Spa and at the TAC, these young lions were at the start in the Wallonia Rally having made a detour via … the Lyons region where they had competed in a round of the French Championship. Right from the start they confirmed their intentions by heading up the Juniors: “With the championship regulations according major importance to the scratches,  Guillaume and Louis clocked up no less than nineteen best times,” the delighted DG Sport Compétition boss commented. “They made the decisive break on Saturday evening in the Natoye stage promptly gaining half a minute on their nearest rivals. “

On Sunday the yellow 208 R2 team continued to build up the scratches but experienced a minor alarm in the Wartet special stage: “The last servicing was rather more lively than foreseen but once again our mechanics met the demands, allowing Guillaume and Louis to set off without pressure to win the event with a comfortable margin.”

No comment when it comes to putting a number on the assessment up to now: after this fourth of the nine rounds, the driver of the DG Sport Compétition 208 R2 retains a 30 points lead over his nearest rival in the Juniors championship. Suffice to say that they are well on the way!