About us

Having concluded the acquisition of a new Peugeot 208 at the end of 2012, Alain Georges was fully aware that it was not only down to a good tuner to ensure the difference. “I thought I would personally be in a position to handle everything relating to the car; but it wasn’t enough” he confided. “In this day and age a good team stands out when it is also capable of providing efficient communication and marketing services”.

 From this simple observation a beautiful complementarity was born with Christian Jupsin. The latter explains: “In motorbikes DG Sport always stood out thanks to efficient and top quality communication. There was a wish to diversify, and as such, together with Alain, we reproduced the same pattern for cars as that of motorbikes … “. These two individuals, friends in the first instance before being associates, opted to create a new entity within DG Sport, fully dedicated to the rally world: DG Sport Competition.